Maine Lobster Butter is the top recipe flavor enhancer

Some foodstuff mixtures are legendary, like Maine lobster and luscious melted butter. With the most recent item innovation, Maine Lobster Butter, foodies have a new way to boost some of their favourite recipes. Completely ready to get cooking?

Butter is a kitchen area staple. From a simple sauté to basting to even baking, foods is typically superior with a minimal pad of butter. But, not all butter is the exact. From the nutty features of brown butter to French butter with its richness, making on that flavor enhancer is the crucial to generating any recipe even tastier.

With that idea in mind, the Maine Lobster Butter takes that common lobster and butter combination and raises it to another stage. The butter combines 100% true Maine lobster with more ingredients like garlic, lemon, onion powder, paprika and sherry. In some approaches. In a way, a person pat of butter contains all the most effective flavors of a lobster supper.

As Michael Robins, Licensed Master Chef, claimed, “when pondering of legendary meals pairings, there is no much better marriage of flavors than sweet Maine Lobster dipped in a rich, melted butter. Our Maine Lobster Butter would make it uncomplicated to add that decadent lobster flavor to a selection of dishes, elevating any culinary knowledge.”

What are some delicious approaches to use Maine Lobster Butter?

This foods innovation from Lobster of Maine has many takes advantage of. Although it may not be the warm butter made use of to dip a lobster claw, the taste enhancer could be utilised on other meals at the desk. From a easy topping to biscuits to integrated into a pasta, these thoughts are easy types.

A good way to reinterpret surf and turf is to use the Maine Lobster Butter on steak. Whilst numerous cooks use a compound butter on a steak, this flavor enhancer provides an unctuous be aware.

At the identical time, some treatment ought to be used when pairing this food stuff with steak. Look at the seasoning on the steak with the flavors in the butter. Competing flavors would diminish the flavor pleasure.

The use alternatives for this butter are a lot of. In general, basic foods or ones that easily soak up flavors may well be greatest. Potatoes or rice are straightforward concepts. Maybe this butter could make that bowl of broccoli even much more pleasing.

The motive why this butter has so many works by using is that the flavor is effectively well balanced. A hint of acid from the lemon with the earthiness of the paprika and the sweetness from the sherry guarantees that all the taste profiles are highlighted.

Nevertheless, this food items is a savory product. When introducing it to biscuits can be very tasty, it may well not be the ideal possibility to incorporate in a baked fantastic. If anyone can figure out how to include that taste into a baked excellent, it would be a fantastic level of discussion.


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Are you hungry to try out a flavor of Maine Lobster Butter? What recipe would be enhanced with this flavor?